Nuforms Design, Insects Are Sexy, Xena Zupanic, No.Ve., Valentina Bulzi
Directed by Luca Sommariva

Nuforms Design, in collaboration with various multimedia artists and major Companies of the creative sector [lighting, design, services], present the event "Suspended Animation", exhibition/performance based on the concept linked to the suspension, not intended as a scientific study, however, so far mostly theoretical, which provides the slowing of vital functions of an organism induced by external devices, but in a broader meaning. We want to analyze a phenomenon linked to both the world of representation and, more intimately, to life itself and the perception of the universe in which life, as well as we experience it, plays its course. We can think, for example, about the function of memory, linked to memory in indissoluble way, that constantly interacts with our thoughts and influences our lives creating, in fact, a kind of suspension of time in which our mind travels, so to speak, in a parallel universe able to create emotional states in the real world.
The creative process in itself behaves like a sort of suspended animation, a vigilant trance from which spring elements which, when suitably processed, generate a dialogue capable of producing a mental image, as a result, will become project.
But we can go ahead, imagining a kind of suspended animation in the use of most common virtual technologies, such as life in digital environments (not only in 3D), in which the time and space references undergo a drastic revision and the existence itself seems fixed in a immortality which is characteristic of the digital avatar. From video games to social networking, the user of these realities experienced a kind of suspended animation, where the abstraction of so-called real time and space plays a fundamental role in life in that particular universe.
Still further on, towards the so-called fringe science, close to metaphysics, we can investigate the world of spirit, suspended animation by definition, certainly not intended in mystical and religious sense, but as properties of matter, perhaps the ultimate answer which science has always tried to find out.
And if the world, at least the Western World, seems to live on several fronts, a form of suspended animation, the words of Jean Emile Charon, French physicist and philosopher, seem to open a new way towards the understanding of this suspension, in his celebrated book "L'Esprit cet incunnu" [The Spirit, This Unknown, 1977] writes: "The most important task of the 21st Century will be to develop the study of the Spirit as an essential property of matter, and his powers."

Insects Are Sexy (Luca Sommariva), electronics
Xena Zupanic, the doll, the words and the voice
NO.VE., strings quartet
Valentina Bulzi, dancer

Nuforms Design, Milano, Italy.

Orfane30 Pensiero Rumoroso, Torino, Italy

Luca Sommariva, Claudia Loro, Giorgio D’Andrea, Xena Zupanic, Stella De Bernardi, Cristiano Baricelli,
Luciana Ronco, Ms Larsen, Beatrice Diana Piacentini, Roberto Joris, Arnold Mangahis, Davide Scovazzo.

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